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Since 1998 , i have been to over 70+ cities on this globe, working in the performing arts industry.

Stage Management / FOH / BOH SUper vision.  
Theatre and Event Centre Venue Supervision. 

If you have any shows or events coming up , please feel
welcomeD to discuss these areas of interest with me . 

Whether you're looking for
tips on managing events,
handling backstage operations,
improving your podcasting skills,
or anything else related to the performing arts industry I'm here to help. 

Let's skip to the good part.

Born in 1983 to a theatre family, and of course following the tradition, i have now been in the show business industry since 1998 , What an incredible journey in this world of stage management and theatrical production.

My experiences spanning 70 cities globally have undoubtedly given me a unique perspective on culture, human psychology, and the arts.

My involvement with renowned artists and productions, from musical acts like George Michael and Lady Gaga, Pink, George Micheal, to classical stage theatre performances, ballets, and operas, showcases your expertise and dedication to the performing arts. From Cats, Wicked, Sound of Music, My Fair Lady and hundreds of more shows with in the ; last 25 Years. 

Moreover, my dual roles—one foot in the world of classical theatre stage management and the other in the Events industry as a venue supervisor or events manager, my versatility and commitment to both fields.

For those interested in connecting with me for opportunities related to stage management, theater venue management, and other artistic ventures, please feel free to connect. 

I take all shows with gratitude and importance, from small to big.

Love & Light 
Celeste Preece


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