SKU: TP.A2022


Written in advocacy to the police force / ambulance / fire mans and all

people whom at in servitude to the people.




Three Flip Books for kids and teens.


Easy to relate for aged 5-12 , powerful brain triggering reads,

unique with surprising information and happy achievements of goals.


Beautiful information for healers, counsellors, health practitioners , and all awakened souls to use for their clients , family counselling, and for any child whom in a troubled environment seeking inspiration and guidance.



The TRIO PACK  contains three Flip Book Stories.



A story of a young boy Jiemba seeking to better his future despite the legacy and trauma associated with his family. Joining his life to stop the cycle of #addiction #poverty #depression .



A soul-touching story about addiction and a hard journey of custody court battles. The eight and seven-year-old Will and Grace set a goal of freedom to their own lives , by revealing the bitter truth and terrible secrets of their home conditions. #divorce #newbeginnings #courageandhonesty 




A story of Amira a refugee fleeing a war-torn home, everything in her country is so exciting with her new life, as her old had been turned to ashes. Sharing the power of good neighbourhood, acceptance of other cultures and overcoming anxiety . #refugee  #griefing #ptsd #courage #goals #tribelove 


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