100% Organic

100% Vegan 



What does Ngarra mean ?  “Together With You.”

Main Essence 100% Australian Peppermint / Fennel / Aloe Vera .


Paying tribute to the original Ancestors of this land, we are proud to introduce our latest fragrance roller.  


Proudly Australian sourced, we have combined the healing properties of fennel, with the cleansing properties of the peppermint leaf. 


Our cleansing fennel oil is nature’s medicinal aid for boosting healthy respiratory and digestive systems. Peppermint oil is also promoted for relief from digestive problems, the common cold, and any other sinus related issues. 

This combination of essential oils is designed for external use, to be rolled over any problem areas causing pain or discomfort. 


For skin usage, we recommend to not use the oil on your face area. 

Please contact with us for Whole Sale prices of your own brand + blend of essences. 




Ngarra Healing Oil