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Answer the mind's deeper questions and go beyond the mainstream media. “ Answering the mind's questions and dive deeper than the mainstream media “

A broadcast + network of truth seekers and believers

empowering our current evolution of consciousness.

Join our live shows, streaming conversations and interviews that challenge modern paradigms and allow you to discover the reality that defines your being.


Recording Studio

Mission & PASSION

Besides Life in Classical Theatre, Ballets, and Operas, working in theatre productions , as a stage manager, and venue supervisor, my passion for live podcasting dedicates me to finding unique guest speakers. Transforming conversations with Host Celeste and her International, Local Byron Bay extraordinary Guest speakers telling their true stories,  impacting the world to a better place. 




 Live & Uncensored interviews that share knowledge, on tools, and techniques to create coherence in your mind, body, and spirit. living your full potential. And bring Harmony to all communities and our next generation.

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