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Celeste grew up in widespread Europe. Now, Australia’s leading-edge Integrative Healing Educator / Radio Host, Live broadcaster and Online counselor to private clients.

She is mainly known for her sharp multidimensional consciousness / 6th sense.

To explore further: Every Tuesday New York-based 4:30am morning radio show + open mic talks, interviews, and hosting weekly episodes on the SEER SHOW /

Australia Byron Bay at 7:30pm  / QLD 6;30PM

Follow the Link to become a Guest Speaker :    
Showcasing extraordinary healers, coaches, and professionals that elevate consciousness, broadcasting their alternative therapies and aspects from all around the world.

The broadcasts are of truth-seeker and speaker - it’s always an uncensored and a live stream talk! - from her exposure to cultures, nations, and religions, speaking three languages, spanning 70 cities globally enables her to have a unique take on the human psyche/guest speakers of a broadcast.

The shows she involves herself with wish to make a significant contribution to improving the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of those seeking to live and lead an empowered life! She is passionate about deepening the understanding of the powers of medicinal medicine and the use of alternative solutions for the purpose of spiritual awakening & holistic integration.  

It’s all about finding the root cause or the drivers of imbalance. Integrative medicine takes into account the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being of the person with the aim of using the most appropriate and safe evidence-based treatments available.

With one solid foot in the broadcasting show world, she still also has the foot 
working for the Magical Arts / Theatre and Film industry since 1997.

She worked with leading Stage Crews, Prop and Stage Design/Film Production throughout the globe for acts like George Michael, Chris Isaak, Pink, Lady Gaga... to musicals such as Wicked, Sound of Music, Dirty Dancing, Merry Poppins, My Fair Lady.  Ballets and Operas however were her favorite stage settings but meeting the Dalai Lama while creating his backstage environment in Sydney back in 2008 was her personal highlight. 

Still today , with one foot in this creative industry, she participates in stage management, artistic design, SunPac Venue Supervising keeping inflow with her heartbeat- rhythm amongst orchestras, voices, and creative vibrations.


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Green and Purple Succulents
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