born as a True " malakh " . ( messenger )

Interviewer, Broadcaster, and author.


Celeste is of European descent, 

she has dedicated her life to act in servitude of the people.


She is one of Australia’s leading-edge Integrative Healing Practitioners committed to facilitating teaching self-healing and alternative therapies.

She is a truth-seeker, an international speaker, and Malakh ,


for her exposure to cultures, nations, and religions, speaking three languages, and spanning 70 cities globally enables Celeste to have a unique take on the human psyche as we know it. She has experience in a cross-section of healing modalities/practices, namely, medicinal essential oils, alternative healing, tai chi, chakra healing, akashic records, iridology, and psychic channeling. Traveled, lived or worked in over 70 cities of the world.

By broadcasting her interviews on youtube, linked In, Spotify, and Twitter with extraordinary people, healers, coaches, and masters,, she wishes to make a significant contribution to improving the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of those seeking to live and lead an empowered life!

founder of Preece&Co SHop / est 2019 , an Australian based Medicinal Oil company, 

The mixology is of the purest 100% organic, no GMO, where ingredients are sourced from the country of origin in their natural habitat.  



Green Leaf Close Up
Tropical Leaves

90min ZOOM

What Can You Expect From A 90-minute Healing Experience? (AU$299)

PHASE 1 : Live chat/analyses of your eyes.

PHASE 2 : Live Chakra Alignment 

Total = 90min via Zoom. Upon completion of the prequalification questionnaire, Celeste will customise the 1-hour iridology session unique to you.

During the Awakening Phase through iridology, Celeste will facilitate with care an inquiry into your beliefs, and behaviours . that are hindering you from achieving what you desire and what would be necessary steps forward in life to recover,

heal and most of all transform into a higher level of consciousness.

She will explain your eyes, ( the photos were provided prior to her by yourself ) during the first hour and endorses you to.


ask many questions in between for activation of healing. All our beliefs and behaviours both positive and negative come from our childhood upbringing/parental influence – epigenetics) / cultural and religious influence/teachers/. siblings/environment.

These beliefs and behaviours form the structures, which in turn form the culture of your worldview. For any form of. sustainable change, one needs to reprogram at a causal level. To have a breakthrough with what it is you are experiencing Celeste will facilitate how to rewire the negative beliefs

and behaviours that no longer serve you as an adult.

This brings us to the next phase, your custom Chakra Alignment.

She will guide you through each of your Chakras starting from the bottom, which is the Root Chakra step by step leading up to your Crown chakra.

Celeste endorses you to record the actual " Chakra Alignment “

Green and Purple Succulents

90min ZOOM
Chakra Alignment + Medicinal Oils

What Can You Expect From A 90-minute Healing Experience? (AU$499)

The 90 minute session is split into 3 steps. 

The length of time allows for the transformational experience to integrate. The session is split into 3 phases =


Phase 1 – Awakening Phase/counseling 

Phase 2 – Alignment Phase / record your alignment 

Phase 3 – Medicinal Phase/custom Oil 

+ Own your Custom recording of the session: on your own device, most clients use their phones, to utilize the audio for a personal

mediation session at home in your own time. ( Custom Chakra Alignment audio )

+ Additionally Celeste will create mixology for your custom essential oil 10ml glass bottle of your enquired custom medicinal oil

Green and Purple Succulents